Introducing the world's first open source blockchain chocolate bar.

Ensuring great traceability, transparency,
and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

It's critically important
to know where cacao comes from.

The majority of the world’s chocolate isn’t traceable, but why is that important? In West Africa, where 70% of the world's cocoa originates, reports indicate an estimated 1-2 million children are engaged in child labor with cocoa farming also playing a major role in the deforestation of over 2 million hectares of land in the region.
Blockchain technology provides transparent and immutable means of tracing the origin of the cocoa, driving sustainability in the supply chain.

Benefits of our blockchain chocolate bar

Direct Trade

We work directly with farmers to improve quality and productivity, and support their profitability and success to safeguard the future of chocolate. Blockchain helps facilitate direct trade by providing a secure and transparent platform to conduct transactions and track the supply chain from farm to consumer.

Premium Paid to Farmers

We pay farmers directly up to US$1,000 more than the international cocoa price. Farmers typically receive a ‘farmgate’ price which is itself often half of what cocoa is traded internationally.

Deforestation Free

We promote environmental conservation by producing deforestation-free chocolate and supporting tree planting and orangutan rehabilitation. With the help of blockchain technology, we plan to track cocoa farming practices' environmental impact and incentivize farmers to adopt sustainable methods.

Child Labour Free

We ensure that our chocolate is produced without the use of child labor, which remains a major issue in cocoa-growing regions worldwide. By implementing a blockchain-based system to track our supply chain we increase transparency and traceability to ensure no child labour.

Supporting Local Culture

We collaborate with local artisans to create unique designs that celebrate the island's vibrant culture and support the local economy. Blockchain helps by providing transparency and traceability allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of the local culture and support its preservation.
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