Open Food Chain's partnership with Junglegold Bali has resulted in a deliciously eco-friendly chocolate bar that empowers local communities, promotes environmental conservation, and ensures complete transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain.

With the world's first open-source blockchain chocolate bar we’re revolutionizing the chocolate industry by offering direct price premiums to farmers and tackling pressing issues such as child labor and deforestation. The chocolate bar's unique design, inspired by Balinese culture and crafted by local artisans, celebrates the island's vibrant heritage and supports the local economy.
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Cacao Beans
Cacao Butter
Lontar Sugar

Raw materials

This recipe is made with just three ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter, and lontar sugar. But what makes it truly special is that all of these ingredients are fully sustainable, both ecologically and socially. Junglegold sources these raw materials a short distance from its factory on the lush and beautiful island of Bali.
The ingredients used are from deforestation-free areas where Balinese farmers work in harmony with nature. Junglegold supports farmers with training and technical expertise, ensuring they produce top-quality ingredients while paying a premium price to provide farming communities with a living wage and supporting their long-term success.

Follow the process from farm to bar

In the Farm

The ripe cacao pods are harvested and carefully cracked open to reveal the wet beans. These beans are then fermented for five days to help develop flavour and complexity, then dried, carefully sorted and taken to the factory.


First the beans are roasted to bring out rich and intense flavours and aromas. After roasting some of the beans are pressed to produce cacao butter, while the remaining beans are ground into cacao liquor.

Chocolate Making

Together the cacao liquor, cacao butter and lontar sugar and ground until silky smooth. Then the chocolate is conched to remove any excess acidity and moisture. The smell is incredible!


Each of the bars is then tempered and hand moulded. Tempering ensures the chocolate is beautiful and glossy and snaps when you break it. It’s now ready to be packaged.


Each chocolate bar is sealed in foil to trap the freshness. Then placed carefully into one of the artisanal boxes for delivery and consumption. Delicious!
Local designers and artists are inspire the packaging process, drawing inspiration from the rich history and traditions of Bali. These designs are a unique window into Balinese culture.
Take a peek at their work, if you’re curious!
"We stand for a premium quality chocolate that is rewarding hard working farmers, enabling locals to be creative and artistically express their culture while preserving the natural environment of a paradisiac island." - Tobias Garritt
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